Textile Artist. Quiltmaker.

2013 Overall Champion

Scottish Quilt Championships 

'Elizabethan Jewels' (picture below)


2012 UK 1st Award Journal Quilt Challenge

'Bluebells' 'Daffodils'


2012 Europe EQA 1st Advanced Quilts Elizabethan Flowers 

2012 America Houston Elizabethan Flower


2011 'Midsomer Melody' juried into the World Quilts America 


2008 UK tour exhibition 'Petals, Paint and Pieces'


2005 Winner

Great Northern Quilt Show

Stencilled/Painted Quilt


2005 Winner

Great Northern Quilt SHow

Wearable Art


2004 'Midsomer Melody' juried into the Quilter Guild of the British Isles and Nature in Art Museum  


2003 Winner 

Great Northern Quilt Show

Use of colour


2003 The Quilters Guild 'Best use of Colour' 

 Great Northern Quilt Show


2000 Championship Trophy

Scottish Quilt Championship 


2000 Design Trophy, Colour Trophy, 2nd Geometric Quilt

Scottish Quilt Championships


1998 Great Northern Quilt Show 


1997 Hong Kong commission for the Sydney Quilters Exhibition 'Scenes of Hong Kong'